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PC: current operation of former PC GP38's

This topic was addressed some time ago.. tonight I happened to be looking
over  some old magazines and found the definitve answer in Diesel Era V8
#5, Sept/Oct 1997....   this contains the article EMD's GP38 - Part 4,
which covers all of the PC and PRSL GP38 units:

PC/CR 7675-7746 - most still active on Conrail as of 1997
PC/CR 7747-7785 - remaining units returned to lessor 9/26/84
PC/CR 7786-7800 - 	"	"	"	"           10/30/84
PC/CR 7801-7824 -  also returned, 11 & 12 1984
PC/CR 7825-7867 - returned to lessor 5/5/85, most to BN
PC/CR 7868-7939 - most still active in 1997 on Conrail

The groups returned to lessor for the most part, share both build dates and
return dates, likely the groups are individual orders.

Current operators of PC GP38's include:  NS, CSX, BNSF, UP, Gateway
Western, Helm Leasing, DM&E, The Bay Line, Alaska (ARR), Pandrol Jackson,
Genesee & Wyoming, Buffalo & Pittsburg, Amtrak, CORP (Central Oregon &
Pacific?), RJ Corman, SD&IV, Ann Arbor, Providence & Worchester, Kiamichi,
and some others.  Undoubtedly there are operators not listed here since CR
retired more units prior to the CSX/NS takeover.  A few units were scrapped
as well, some due to need of major repairs and some due to wrecks.  The
actual article includes a long list with the disposition of virtually every
unit to that date (a few are listed as unknown).  7777 is shown as becoming
GE 2000, but there's no key to indicate if this is General Electric or
someone else.  Anyone know?  it went via CMNW/GWWR.

PRSL and dynamic-equipped dual control units left the roster, but the dual
control units without dynamics remained active (I personally saw one of


Bill K.

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