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PC: P70 Conversion/Model photo submissions

Quick and Dirty P70 PC commuter coach....

>For heavyweights, remember the Bachman heavyweights are correct for P70s-

>Easy, take a PRR coach, add worms...that was all most of them got!  Some
>Bachman printing (not paint) will strip w/Dio-sol by the way.  Strip of the
>PRR and Keystones, and you have PC commuter coaches!  Plus, starting with
>the PRR cars, you get PRR trucks....

>And for the vast majority of modelers who don't paint? Or don't care to
>the time to change trucks? YOU think it's easy. Everybody on this list may
>think it's easy. That doesn't mean that MOST modelers think it's easy.

READ my response, no painting, the trucks are right, the car is correct, and
it is RTR.  Just take two seconds to wipe off the PRR, leave stripes and the
rest.   Slap four worms on it from the Microscale diesel set (they are a
little small, but what else do we have?) and you are done.  Volia, instant
PC minimal repaint P70!

I am trying to make this easy for you and the rest of the bunch.  You could
do this or get the ECW P70 kit, or get brass, take your pick on ease and
price.....  Also, many cars did not get PC paint, so some of your passenger
train can be NH, NYC, and PRR also.  Remeber pooled cars too.  Just look at
all the options, don't tunnel vision on one thing....  If you are modeling
post 71, throw in some other roads and/for Amtrak...

Also, I have not had a chance to look at the website today Jerry, I
understand that we have model photos now.  You and I have talked about this
in the past, I am going to have access to a digital camera here soon, want
some more?  How about a PC model beauty contest? <g>

Thanks for your continued efforts on the page Jerry!


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