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PC: Re: : Passenger cars in HO

Bill K-

>Does IHC have a copy of the Rivarossi tooling?

Used to, that is why they went out of the passenger car buisness for a
couple of years, Rivarossi sued and won.....

>Anyhow, those RIvarossi cars are at least correct for PRR cars,
>the RPO and obs for sure.

They are CLOSE, definite PRR influence.  The RPO takes cues from several
different PRR RPOs, but is not correct for any particular one.  I do not
know about the obs, close to the "View" series cars, do not know if
exact..... Both good models for PC with minor modifications for sure.

I've seen one of their fluted cars, an obs, and
>it looked like a toy - the lines were all soft and it rode way too high.

They look great lowered with bodymount couplers, diaphrams, the skirts
removed, the details carved off the bottom and done back correctly,
different trucks, and a hint of weathering.........the grill and 10-6 are
both good for PC (have both).  Fluting on the roof (where letterboard is) is
the let down......

>If you don't mind building a flat kit, did any NYC 2600 or 3000 series
>coaches (one is smooth side, one stainless) make PC? you can get brass
>sides for an ECW core kit from Central Hobby Supply's West Shore Line (
>www.centralhobby.com for info) (shameless plug, I frequent the store on a
>regular basis!).  They're also doing NYC troop sleepers with 2 door
>variants, I'd think some of those would have lasted into PC MOW service at
>least. Granted brass sides are a little pricey, but you'll never paint
>anything that looks as good as the plated brass 'stainless steel' car side.
>  (if someone does have good pics of any of these cars in PC send 'em along
>please - )

I wondered too about these, didn't these coaches make it into PC as many of
the PRR ones retired due to rot in the body-frame?   Some of those troop
sleepers made it into REA cars also, I THINK there is a shot of on in "The
RR Press" PC issue.   How are these kits?

>I think they make/made a New Haven GG1 too - I'm surprised you can't get
>the steam engines in Penn Central...

As for the SD35 drives, same with the C628s, might make good drives/trimount
trucks for kitbash jobs....

Thank heavans no, Walthers made a decal set however....


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