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Re: PC: Big site update


    I couldn't get any of the model photos to open. I get a "system call
'fopen' failed: permission denied when I try. But from the engine numbers I
believe that they are mine.


Jerry Jordak wrote:

> Hey gang,
> I have finished uploading an update to the Penn Central Railroad
> Home Page. There is lots of new material this time around:
> The Model Railroad section has been expanded across several pages.
> New information includes a listing of newly available decals, including
> Microscale, Champ, and the PC List's own Jim Kosty, along with a
> new page of model photos. (Someone sent me a while back four nice
> PC locomotive photos, and I can't remember who it was--so if it was
> you, please let me know and I'll make sure you get the credit.)
> The News, Sightings, and Frequently Asked Questions pages have been
> updated. (I'm looking for suggestions for new questions to add to
> the FAQ.)
> Thanks to David Yates, I now have a sizable collection of Penn
> Central POST front cover scans (along with an interesting rear
> cover). Those are also in the Library, under the Corporate section.
> I'm still missing a couple dozen issues, so if you have any scans of
> PC POST covers that I don't already have, please pass them along.
> Lastly, I added two new photos to the Work Equipment Photo Gallery of
> X29 class boxcars in MOW service. I photographed one of them two
> weeks ago, so they're still out there....
> As always, the PC web site is at http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/pc/
> Please let me know if you find any dead links or other problems.
> In the meantime, enjoy!
> Later,
> -Jer
> --
> Jerry W. Jordak               Time has little to do with infinity
> mailto:jer@smellycat.com      and jelly doughnuts.
> http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/                      -- Thomas Magnum
> Acts 16:31   <><

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