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PC: Re: Passenger cars in HO

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From: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net>
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Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 12:29 PM
Subject: PC: Passenger cars in HO

> >His reply was that they worked from the only photo they had, which
> >happened to be one of the green strip cars. He also asked if I could get
> him
> >more photos! I referred him to the PC Color Guide, but I'd like to be
> >to send him some passenger car photos as well.
> Why?  The bulk of the cars are not right for PC plus the windows are
> terrible (step backward from the Rivarossi cars).  There are a lot of
> correct car sides available out there,

Because not everybody has the time/resources/inclination to build, or even
paint, their own cars. Given that sales of IHC cars FAR outstrip sales of
aftermarket car sides, I'd say there's plenty of demand for the RTR painted
cars. I made the suggestion to IHC because they can easily make the cars a
little LESS inaccurate by having one LESS painting operation on their PC
cars. One less color = lower cost!

> so what we need (calling Mr. Kosty)
> are decals for what is available, not more things that are wrong.
The two are NOT mutually exclusive. IHC making their paint scheme a little
more accurate will not deter any decal manufacturer from making better
decals. So why oppose IHC correcting their colors?

> Also, rumors galore about better cars (may be closer to reality with the
> Budd RDC from P2K this summer) to be put on the market in the not too
> distant (or near) future.
Which will be available painted for PC? P2K has pretty much ignored PC,
their caboose was the only PC item in the whole line, although they did 3 3
cars in the P1K line. Branchline is unknown.

> For heavyweights, remember the Bachman heavyweights are correct for P70s
> (depending on roof)

And are not available in PC.

>and that most of the cars made by ECW saw PC service.
Mostly flat kits, few are available painted in ANY scheme.

> As for working from the photo of the "one" car with green window bands,
> didn't one of the earlier PC passenger cars in HO or N (1970s)
> come with green bands?

Yes, Tyco in HO, I believe Model Power in N, possibly Con-Cor.

>More of a case of reverting to bad habits, or did
> they ACTUALLY get the photo of the one (ex NH?...) Sleeper?
All I know is what he told me. I have no reason not to believe him.

> Don't forget the red and gold PC passenger cars also, they were quite
> sharp.
Peter King in NY

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