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PC: GG1 4800/CR 7776

>on page 33 of issue #63 is GG1 #4800
>fresh from the paint booth on April 11, 1976.  They must have had this in
>mind prior to CR inception.  The "CONRAIL" is spelled out using PC style
>lettering. PC couldn't have missed it by much time,of having its own
>bicentennial unit.

This is the GG1 I was talking about, there are shots in the July 1776 RNE of
the before during and after paint.  It is 4800, the rivet sided one.  NRHS
was to be given credit for the bulk of the job.  They wrote a letter to a
Mr. Schofield, PC's VP of operations, who in turn approached Mr. Spence,
"...the president of the soon to be, at the time, ConRail..."  suggesting
the loco be painted as such.  Unfortunately, the article does not state the
start date of the job, but with the approach to CR brass and its being
unveiled on April 11, 1976, I am sure both roads had an equal part.   An
interesting tidbit, the painter, a Mr. Ken Brown, was quoted, "It was a lot
more fun than just spraying black".  Article by Oliver E. Wagner, Jr..

On the cover is CR GP38 (W/ATS box) and PC font on the Bi-Centennial paint,
number 7776.  Photographed in Pitcairn, PA in April 76 by Bob Reid (editor).
No paint date either, but a list of painters' names, etc....

Great Mingo Junction ALCo article, a lot of PC stuff, FM, ALCo, Baldwins
(incl passenger shark) on Altoona dead line, and the notorious 1/2 GG1
also.....good issue.


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