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PC: Re: PC Bicentennial Passenger cars

><< Typical VERY
> tacky Bi-Centenial paint job. >>
>Isn't it amazing that back in 1976 most of the Bicentennial paint schemes
>looked good, but now just about all of them look terrible!  My favorites
>still the SCL U-boat and the ATSF SD45-2s.

There was an editorial in TRAINS about this, how all the 1976 jobs were
tacky.  The quote was "lacked imagination, red white and blue, tack on a few
eagles, stars, number it 1776...."  Right near it was an ad to get their
Bi-Centenial Loco poster however........

Was there a GG1 that was painted Bi-Centenial for PC and painted CR rather
quickly, or was it just CR?  Any other BC PC equipemnt?  It seems that most
of the stuff (keep in mind this is by photos and articles, I was 4 at the
time) was painted WAY before 1976?


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