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Re: PC: Locomotive Modifications

This came through in the wrong order, the reply before the original
message...  But to answer the question:

PC had in Dewitt a mother-slug (#6849 I think) consisting of an RSD15
re-engined with a 567, and a slug made from a wrecked (?) RSD4/5.  in it's
original configuration, it retained the cab but said cab was plated over.  
The slug also got what looked to be the short hood off an RS1 grafted in
place of the radiator section of the long hood.  Later the engine got
scalped, IE the cab removed and resulting gap filled in, before Conrail
finally scrapped the thing as a whole in the early 80's.

Bill K.

> From: Armstrong, John A <ArmstronJA -AT- corning.com>
> To: 'penn-central -AT- smellycat.com'
> Subject: RE: PC: Locomotive Modifications
> Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 8:32 AM
> > > All of what you said is true but the FRA did not require "missile
> > until 1980.  That is when the extra GE windows started disappearing
> > along with the caboose windows.  However I would agree with you points
> > PC did eliminate these windows to spear expense.
> > 
> > There were slugs too.....
> > 
> > GWR
> > 
> 	PC had slugs with cabs?
> 	JAA

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