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PC: IHC PC passenger cars

I have recently been in contact with a representative of IHC, so I asked him
about the PC passenger car scheme.  I pointed out that they got the black
roof and letterboards correct, but the green stripe was only used on one or
two cars. His reply was that they worked from the only photo they had, which
happened to be one of the green strip cars. He also asked if I could get him
more photos! I referred him to the PC Color Guide, but I'd like to be able
to send him some passenger car photos as well. The ones on the PC web page
are mostly one-off cars, like the PRR repaints. I'd like to send him
pictures of the following car schemes:

- Stainless corrugated car, black roof and letterboards, black PC heralds on
the window bands

- Smooth side painted car, white lettering and heralds

- Heavyweight painted car, white lettering and heralds

If anyone has pictures of these, please let me know. Maybe we can get the
IHC paint scheme corrected.

Peter King

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