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Re: PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners?

Car 76 Showed up in RNE May 76, full color shot on rear page.  Typical VERY
tacky Bi-Centenial paint job.


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Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000 2:22 PM
Subject: Re: PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners?

>According to Conrail Motive Power Review 1968-1991, Conrail 1's heritage
>built by Pullman in 1920;  Pullman Shannon, 1816; SOU 3102; SOU 10; SOU 3;
>to CR in 1983. For Conrail 10 built by Pullman in 1925;  Pullman Queen
>Elizabeth; Pullman Hudson River; NYC Kalamazoo River; NYC Victoria Park;
>30; PC 30; PC 76; CR 76. As for the other questions questions, I can not
>answer. However I belive that there is a B&W picture of PC 76 in red, white
>and blue in a book that I have but can't put my finger on it right now.
>Seth Lakin
>Chesterton IN
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>>To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>>Subject: PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners?
>>Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:22:08 GMT
>>   I know this has been discussed before, but I need to ask about the
>>on the passenger and observation cars.  Actually, there are only two cars
>>am interested in.  These would be Conrail observations #1 and #10.  What
>>the past history of these cars, mainly pertaining to Penn Central.  What
>>numbers did they have under PC's tenure?  I believe that Observation #10
>>quite a unique car with a rather short wheelbase and length.  Was this car
>>specially built by Conrail or one of it's predecessors?  If it was PC, did
>>they modify it to the shorter length or was it built that way?  What paint
>>schemes did these cars have during PC?  Thanks for any help in advance.
>>                                                       -Gregg B.
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