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I have produced a new decal set, following my PC caboose set.  This one is 
for the late sixties New York Central freight cab units in the cigar band 
scheme.  This lettering has never been available before now.  It is 10" 
lettering and 12" road numbers, the 12" white nose stripes, and the small 
lettering such as the radio equipped symbol, the "f" indicating the front, 
etc.  The stripes are adequate to do either two EMD F units or two ALCO FA 
units, or one of both.  The numbers were also used on some of the Central's 
GP7 and GP9 units on the sides of the short nose, with the cigar band logo 
on the cab sides.  The set includes the red, white and black nose logos with 
the proper white outline around the oval.  The numbers are arranged to 
combine pairs into a legitimate road number.  Drawings are included to 
indicate lettering positions typical for these diesels.
The seta are to be available in mid - March, and sell for $8.00 a set.  They 
are high - quality, super opaque, thin decals printed for me by Rail 
Graphics of South Elgin, Illinois.
To order, please send check or money order to:
Central Decals
Jim Kosty
203 Sharwill Place
Corning NY 14830
Please include 50 cents for shipping, and NY State residents must add their 
applicable local sales tax on the decal cost only.
E mail me at j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com with inquiries.
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