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PC: Conrail Exec. Train... past owners?

   I know this has been discussed before, but I need to ask about the origin 
on the passenger and observation cars.  Actually, there are only two cars I 
am interested in.  These would be Conrail observations #1 and #10.  What was 
the past history of these cars, mainly pertaining to Penn Central.  What PC 
numbers did they have under PC's tenure?  I believe that Observation #10 was 
quite a unique car with a rather short wheelbase and length.  Was this car 
specially built by Conrail or one of it's predecessors?  If it was PC, did 
they modify it to the shorter length or was it built that way?  What paint 
schemes did these cars have during PC?  Thanks for any help in advance.

                                                       -Gregg B.
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