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RE: PC: Locomotive Modifications

> > I've noticed how Penn Central covered over many of the windows on
> > locomotive cabs with steel plates.  This was especially true in
> > locomotives like RS-3's and EMD SW's where there were windows over 
> > the
> > hood.  Does anyone know the reason for this?  Was it to save on
> > replacement glass?
> The FRA added a requirement that rail equipment glazing be able to
> withstand concrete blocks and small caliber bullets. These replacements
> are quite expensive, so many railroads replaced some of the windows with
> metal. The little windows in GE cab sides and the middle windows on the
> front of switcher cabs were the most common targets for elimination. This
> is why most modern cabooses had several windows plated over before they
> were replaced by end of train devices.
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	All of what you said is true but the FRA did not require "missile glazing" until 1980.  That is when the extra GE windows started disappearing quickly along with the caboose windows.  However I would agree with you points that PC did eliminate these windows to spear expense.

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