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PC: Re: Templeton, IN

The Templeton, IN photos are now posted at the following addresses:

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 3:30 AM
Subject: Re: Templeton, IN

>Ed and list members,
>I took a few shots at Templeton back in 1976.  Assuming I still have my
>directions straight after nearly 25 years, the single NKP / N&W track ran
>the west side of the station the station, while the two NYC / PC tracks
>on the east side.  There was no tower (at least in 1976), and a sign below
>the signal at the point where the PC joined the N&W read "BEGIN AUTOMATIC
>I'll ask George Elwood to scan the 4 negatives and put them on his site at
>http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/ .  I'll post another message to the list
>they're up.
>Gary Stuebben
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>Date: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 4:46 PM
>Subject: PC: Templeton, IN
>>Just got back from a photo trip to Templeton, IN, junction of what used
>>to be the NYC & NKP north of Lafayette.  I saw the foundation to the
>>station just north of where the tracks split off, & was wondering if
>>anyone had any info on the place.  Was it a tower & station, just a
>>station, or a tower?  It looks like the NYC used to be double tracked, &
>>there were lots of ties, rails, & assorted stuff left around.  Also found
>>an open relay cabinet (long since out of use) with tags labeled for the
>>Nickel Plate Road still on them.
>>Does anyone have pictures of Templeton from the past?  I'd love to see
>>them & try to compare past to present looks.
>>E.J. Caylor
>>Central Indiana Railroad Information Network

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