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PC: Fwd: Re: Ore train stories

This was accidentally addressed only to me.

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John and list,
For those interested,  this is not an "ore train" story, but a BL5
story.  My most embarressing moment on the railroad:
Summer of 74 we were south bound from P'burg to Wilmington Del.
with the first leg of the BL5.  (The Delmar guys would pick up our
train in Wilmington and continue on to Pot Yard).  We had a long 
delay in Morriville and went overboard on the High line.  When being
relieved by a new crew, we had to go to 30th St station to sign off
duty.  Somewhere between the High line and the station, a bee 
managed to crawl up my pant leg (how it got under my cuff strap is 
a mystery) and waited until I was in the waiting room of a crouded
30th St station to start stinging me.  I had to drop my pants right 
there to get it out.  My so called buddies (our crew) just laughed 
histerically.  I actually had to show the sting spot on my thigh for
the PC gestapo to believe the story.  I still think they were making 
sport of me when Paul (our conductor) finally said enough is 
enough.  We went up to S office signed off then walked over to the 
bunk room and waited for our next call, which ironically, if my 
memory serves me correctly, was an ore train north from South 
Hope you enjoyed this.
Rich A
P.S.  Any Delmar guys out there?  If so would someone please tell 
me why you hated the P'burg guys?  What happened that was so 
terrible?  Had to be from the PRR days.
This is another story for next time.  You'll understand why I would 
like to know.
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