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Re: PC: PC F7's

The NYC was a relatively flat railroad, especially when speaking of the main 
line from New York to Chicago.  The only grades of any consequence were West 
Albany (NY) Hill, where pushers were often used on passenger trains, and 
Bergen Hill, which is a long grade between Bergen NY and Batavia NY 
(westbound uphill both).
The Central bought RS32 (DL721) units after the F and FA and geep purchases. 
  They didn't have dynamic brakes, and the next few orders of GP20's and 
30's didn't have them either.  Of course, back then fuel costs were low, and 
that's a lot of the reason dynamic brakes hve come into universal acceptance 
in the later years.  Also, the dynamic brake saves on wear on brake shoes, 
whereas the practice of "power braking" was when you pulled the train along 
with a minimal application on the train only.  Then the throttle was used to 
pull the train and regulate speed.  That ate up a lot of fuel, and was hard 
on the freight cars' brake shoes.
The NYC did purchase dynamic - equipped GP-7 or 9 units (I can't remeber 
which at the moment) that handled trains out of Ashtabula.  There is quite a 
downgrade to the ore handling area at Ashtabula.
The U25Bs were all delivered with the dynamic brakes, and the resistor grids 
are visible behind the radiator screening as sort of a "checkerboard" 
assembly of squares.  The P&LE got a bunch of new U28B units in the 25 
carbody, and they were equipped with dynamic brakes also, along with two 
"pug" carbody U28Bs acquired for P&LE parent NYC.  The rest of the units - 
GP40s, U30Bs and ones I once operated, the C430s, all had dynamic brakes.  
The later change in practice may have reflected the Pennsy's preference for 
dynamic brakes, and their motive power policies were adopted by the Central 
in the years prior to the merger.  Or it may have just been a realization by 
the YC operating people that it was a better way to go.
Take Care,
Jim Kosty

>From: Walt Gay <waltrail -AT- erols.com>
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>Subject: Re: PC: PC F7's
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:46:55 -0500
>     Why did NYC stop using dynamics after the F-7's?
>                                                 Walt
>Jim Kosty wrote:
> > Chris,
> > Go to this site:
> > http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/other/nyc-eng.html
> > This is a [age with a listing of photos of NYC f units on it.  Many of 
> > pictures are taken from AC Tower in Marion Ohio, or Berea Tower at
> > Cleveland, so you can see the roof fans in most photos.  It appears that 
> > the NYC F7 units built from 9/52 - on had the 48" dynamic brake fans, 
> > all the earlier ones came with the 36" fan.  For example, the pictures 
> > units from NYC 1827 down show all 36" fans, while the 1872 and others in
> > that range show the larger fan.
> > Hope this helps, for the ex- NYC units.
> > Jim Kosty
> >
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> > >Subject: PC: PC F7's
> > >Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:20:02 EST
> > >
> > >Hello,
> > >
> > >Anyone have any info on which PC ex NYC F7's had 48" dynamic brake 
>fans?  I
> > >am reworking the Stewart A-B set, which buying was pointless as almost 
> > >whole unit is getting repainted.  Next time will buy undec!  Anyway I 
> > >the numbers and possibly where I can find a good shot of the roof if 
> > >exists.  Thanks!
> > >
> > >Chris
> > >
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