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Re: PC: RS-3m - Follow-up

EL 1060 was the number assigned to their single RS3 rebuild.  This engine 
was to be the first of many, and I understand there was another in the works 
over to Hornell, but the CR takeover rendered it unfinished.  The 1060 was 
based at Gang Mills for the entirety of its Erie Lackawanna days after the 
rebuild.  It was a very clean job too - unlike the PC ones with the raised 
portion over the prime mover, the EL elected to raise the entire long hood 
about 6".  The obvious other signs of rebuilding was the addition of a pair 
of 36" EMD fans over the radiator, and the dual EMD - style short exhaust 
stacks.  It was renumbered 9998 by Conrail, placing it as second to last.  
The last slot being held by the ex - PC GE 44 tonner that was on long - term 
lease to a NJ shortline, being PC 9999.
Jim Kosty

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