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Re: PC: Athearn Penn Central Trailer Question

Yes - see the Green Frog video "Penn Central 1968-70 Volume 1" from Emery 
Gulash's movies.  There are van trains shown at both Radebaugh Cut and a 
multi - GP40 lashup rocking a Flexi - Van train out of Marion with some pig 
trailers on them too. There are several good shots of the PC green vans.  
They were close to the old Green Athearn model - white panel, green logo, 
black letters, just like the silver ones had.  But the trailer body was 
painted in PC green.  In the beginning years of PC, there were quite a few 
of these around.  I'm not sure if these were ex-PRR TrucTrain red trailers 
they repainted.  PRR also has silver trailers.  The old NYC Flexi Vans were 
always silver, either with the yellow panels and old logo, or with large 
"century" green panels and the NYC cigar band logo.  The green panels had 
FLEXI - VAN spelled out between the ribs on the container sides.
It's quite possible the green ones werebrand - new to PC.  I think they were 
Fruehauf trailers - had they been Flexi Vans, they would have been made by 
Strick, which was owned in part by the NYC.
Jim Kosty

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>They DID have green intermodals?That is surprising to me, every snapshot or
>the few actual PC trailers I have seen  in person recently, they were all

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