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PC: RE: RS-3m Question

Hi Bob:

  I reviewed the disposition roster for ex-NYC RS-3's in "Diesel Locomotives
of the New York Central" (authored by Smith, Edson, and Vail of the NYCSHS)
last night and everything they show is for road #'s higher than what you
have listed here.

  While their listing is comprehensive, I'm not certain that they had all
the Conrail renumbering information at hand. What they do indicate is that
none of the engines you are asking about are originally of NYC ownership.

  A couple of the "DeWitt Geeps" showed up at Collinwood (Cleveland) right
after the Conrail startup, but they weren't around very long...possibly
retired or reassigned elsewhere.

  I saw a couple of them (DeWitts) at Buffalo's Frontier yard in hump
service around '73-'74 while laying over on road jobs, but have no
recollection as to their road #'s or disposition.

  Not much direct info, but possibly enough to help you eliminate part of
the mystery.

Bob Rothrock

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Hello all

For quite some time I have been trying to locate the original numbers and
owners of several RS-3's remanufactured by Conrail into RS-3m's during the
late 1970's.  I believe several former PC locos are included in this group.
The Conrail numbers include:

9903, 9904, 9905, 9906, 9907, 9909, 9911, 9913, 9914, 9915, 9916, 9917,
9919, 9921, 9923, 9936.

Could anyone on the list provide me with this information or point me in the
direction where I could locate it on my own?

Thank you in advance
Bob Holzweiss

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