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Re: PC: Athearn Penn Central Trailer Question

Penn Central had PC green trailers in the earlier years of the railroad's 
history.  Look at the Green Frog video by Emery Gulash, Penn Central Volume 
1, and see several examples of these green trailers whinging by on TV 
trains.  The silver PC trailers came later or at least concurrent to the 
silver ones.  There is an especially good shot of trains at Marion, Ohio and 
also on the PRR near Johnstown that show these trailers.
Jim Kosty

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>Subject: Re: PC: Athearn Penn Central Trailer Question
>Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 16:55:00 EST
>That is a surprise......I know Penn Central had their intermodal trailers 
>well as their predocessor, NYC,in silver color, and PC had their tractors 
>at least a white scheme with stripes on the fenders......I am surprised 
>Athearn would go as low as to twist the paint like that....

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