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PC: Fwd: train whistles

Hey gang,

I realize that this is a little off-topic, but I thought it may be of
interest to some of you, so I thought I'd pass it along for Rick.
Besides, Rick and the folks at the National NYC Museum painted their GG1
in PC colors, so I guess I can let this one slide.... :-) Since this is
a little off-topic, please direct any followups to private e-mail, not
to me or the mailing list. Thanks.


Rick Kiefer wrote:
>         There is a trend in the state of Indiana to ban train whistles at
> crossings. The people who are behind the movement are using the
> argument that it is a quality of life issue in that they are being
> awakened at all hours of the night by the whistling. I for one think
> this is nonsense due to the fact that I live within 500 feet of a
> crossing and I have never been awakened by train whistles.
>         To my understanding the Federal government estimates that at
> crossings where whistles have been banned train car accidents
> increase 65%. Whose quality of life is more affected? I do not
> condone going around crossing gates and am for doing everything
> possible to prevent these kinds of accidents.
>         Here in the South Bend - to Elkhart area this is a hot political
> issue and it is now being said that the railroads are against this
> because they do not want to spend the money to "upgrade" the
> crossings. Why should they? They have done everything that has been
> required of them by federal mandate to make sure these crossings are
> as safe as possible. It is my feeling that if a community wants to
> ban whistles it should be prepared to spend the money to make sure
> that the crossings are totally blocked to keep people from driving
> around the gates.
> Our local newspaper printed an address to write to concerning this
> issue it is;
>                         Docket Clerk, DOT
>                         Central Docket Management Facility
>                         400 Seventh St. SW Plaza-401
>                         Washington, D.C. 29590-0001
> They will be accepting written comments until May 26.
>         I would like to see those of us who are railfans, railway workers,
> etc. voice our opinions concerning this subject. We need to try and
> point out that, because of a few people who don't get it, who think
> that they have to go around crossing gates regardless of the
> safeguards put there, that it is a necessary thing to have the
> whistles.
> Thank you,
> Rick Kiefer

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