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PC: PC decals new !

Visited the Micro-Scale table at Springfield this weekend and saw the new PC 
PRR style numbers decals. Were for sale at Tucker Hobbies so I picked up two 
sets and here's what they are . Will do 3 cars in the 40'/50'/60' size. all 
white heralds , class numders for almost every class in this size catagory. 
Return empty in yellow for Buffalo NY and Connersville Indiana. Both the 
slanted PC and straight PC for reporting marks. This set should cover just 
about any needs for the PRR number style. Also listed on data sheet is 
address for the PC web site and 5 sets due in the near future. PC box cars 
with NYC style numbers, box cars with PC style numbers. 86' high cube sets,a 
PC box car esoterica set not sure what's on this one and a PC gondola set. 
According to John Sheridan the sets should be released about every two 
 Saw numereous Atlas PC U-33c and U-23b units for sale at show prices for six 
axles were in the $39.95- $50.00 range with the U-23b's going for $55 to $70. 
Stewart had his C-630 Alco's in PRR and PC paint these are the first two 
factory painted road names for the 630. Hopefully later this year we will get 
the H-39 and H-37b hoppers in the early PC scheme ( with Penn Central spelled 
out under the herald )  Saw some custom painted HO units in PC paint at one 
custom painters booth. 
 Overall a great show , the weather co-operated and the prices weren't too 
bad . Looking forward to next year.                                Ken McCorry

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