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PC: Re: PC 5639


You have selected an unusual locomotive to model in that this unit made it
all the way to CR without losing it's NYC paint.  The only PC heralds it
received were on the ends.  The white stripe on the frame and road number on
the nose remained intact.

A view of the right side of the engine is shown on page 121 of Yanosey's PC
Power.  I also have a shot of the left side and it shows that 5639 had the
same horn and bell placement as 5607.  See page 122 of Yanosey's book for a
left side photo of 5607.

The horn on the left side is on the long hood, along the roof line, just
behind the first two grilles.  The bell is located on a bracket above the
headlight on the long end.  This is the standard horn location for NYC's
GP-7 locomotives (Central class DRS-4).

Don't forget the spark arresters!

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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Subject: PC: PC 5639

>Does anyone have any info on where the bell and horns are on GP7 5639? I
>one shot that shows one horn on the side of the short hood, but where is
>other one? I have found them on the side and top of the long hood on other
>locos, but there is no pattern I can establish. Can anyone help? You can
>a shot of what it will look like in PC power.

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