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PC: A Sampling of Penn Central 30% pre-publication offer


 I e-mailed Indiana University regarding the PC book pre-publication $41.95 
offer, and this was the response:

> Subj:  A Sampling of Penn Central
>  Date:    1/28/00 9:34:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
>  From:    mlshelly -AT- indiana.edu (Mary L Shelly)
>  To:  AmtkJxn -AT- aol.com
>  Yes, we accept money orders and the shipping fee for one book is $5.00.
>  Should you be an Indiana resident, there would also be sales tax on the
>  book itself.  Please send order to:  Indiana University Press, 601 N
>  Morton St, Bloomington, IN  47404-3797.
>  Thank you.

  There's just a few days left to get it at the 30% discount! BTW, is the 
author the same as "Jeremy" Taylor who wrote the outstanding bok, "Conrail 
Sounds like the same resume.

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