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PC: GP 7 horn and bell location


This topic (horns, bells, and antenna for GP7s) came up on the PC Modeler
list last week.  There were several locations depending on previous owner,
date of purchase, etc.  Check the list archives for the mailings on that
topic at:  www.onelist.com

Another excellent source (and the one I cited) is the photos on George
Elwood's fallen flags site:

Under PRR, PC, and NYC are several locomotive photos that were shot from
towers, GREAT for rooftop details, as this is how we view our models anyhow.

Here is an example, and the answer to the question of the other horn (long


The general feeling on this was the bells were located under the frame on
some units as we could not find them anywhere else.

Nashville, TN

>Does anyone have any info on where the bell and horns are on GP7 5639? I
>one shot that shows one horn on the side of the short hood, but where is
>other one? I have found them on the side and top of the long hood on other
>locos, but there is no pattern I can establish. Can anyone help? You can
>a shot of what it will look like in PC power.

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