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PC: Re: Locomotive/caboose assignments

I lived in Bethlehem, PA during 1971-75 and occasionally saw the PC at
Phillipsburg.  I have photos of GP-9s, GP-30s, GP-35s, GP-38s, GP-9Bs,
NW-2s, SW-7s, SW-9s, S-2s, S-4s, and T-6s taken at or near the Phillipsburg
Engine Terminal in the early 1970s.   Alco switchers were very common.  Lots
of 4 axle power, typical of what you would find on the ex-PRR
Belvedere-Delaware Division that started at Trenton and ran north along the
river (most of it torn up now).

I never saw any 6 axle power, but my college roommate did catch an SD-9
there in 1976.  Also, I never saw any PC on the LV, so this was either a
rare occurrence or the practice had ended by 1971.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

Lehigh University '75

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From: Samuel L. Reynolds <monon -AT- uscom.com>
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Date: Monday, January 31, 2000 9:02 PM
Subject: PC: Locomotive/caboose assignments

>Due to my interest in modeling the Lehigh Valley Railroad around the
>Easton, PA area, I am planning on including the movement of iron ore
>trains from the PRR/PC yard in Phillipsburg, NJ to Bethlehem Steel.  In
>one of the LV videos, its shows Penn Central power (RSD12, SD9, GP9B,
>GP30) returning with empty ore jennies eastward  on the LV mainline in
>Easton.  I believe the narrator of the video indicated that LV crews
>would use PC locomotives when LV power was running short.
>In order to model PC locomotives/cabooses that may have shown up on the
>LV in ore train service,  can anyone provide information on locomotives
>and cabooses assigned to the PC yard at Phillipsburg, NJ during the
>period of 1968-1972?
>Thanks in advance!
>Sam Reynolds

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