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PC: Re: LV cars painted like PC

The Pennsy took control of the LV by 80%-90% stock control in 1962.  As a
result of this there was some consolidation; also the LV got some
hand-me-down surplus from the Pennsy.  PC maintained the ownership through
untill Conrail (despite the Pennsy trying to hand the road off to N&W, C&O
or any taker through the 60's).

LV leased a group of 8640 (later 7640) series RS-11's, 6 staying through
untill Conrail; various LV units were sold to the PRR for trade-in material
(PA's); and in 1970 LV traded 3 older RS2's for PRR RS3's in better shape
that had been retired for trade-in (including hammerhead LV 211).   They
also picked up about 8 boxcars that ran in PRR paint with LV reporting
marks, sort of pre-PC/CR paint-outs.

The PRR also shared the LV terminal facilities in Buffalo after taking
control - I'm not sure if there was any other consolidation, in the PC era.
 The PC did operate LV track in Canastota NY after the LV abandoned it's
own line there.

The LV also used hand-me-down paint (PRR Tuscan and green) but I think the
boxcars that appeared in PC-like jade green were actually painted that
color by a leasing company who rebuilt the cars and leased them back to the
LV.  Some cabooses did get jade green paint (some were sold to the PC also)
in the '70's.  Generally though the road ran independently and was not
greatly influenced by Pennsy or PC management.  

Part of this topic was discussed a few weeks ago with somewhat disasterous
results, so let's not get too sidetracked (no pun intended) on this one - 

Bill K.

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> From: Craig E. Hatter <ns4610 -AT- bluegrass.net>
> To: Penn-Central <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: LV cars painted like PC
> Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 9:39 PM
> In the March TRAINS,there is a photo of the D&H sharks as well as LV
> What interested me most was that line of boxcars that trails off to the
> rear. Last car appears PC,while the first is definitely LV. My
> I am a self professed PC carpet-bagger from the near south,is what
> relationship was there between PC and LV that would produce like adorned
> cars,except for reporting marks?

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