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PC: Penn Central Items For Sale or Trade

Hello Penn Central Fans, cleaning out my extras.

The following Penn Central Items are For Sale or Trade, prices donít
include shipping costs. If you have any Penn Central items you'd like to
trade, let me know. First come first serve.

Penn Central Post magazines in good to very good condition, $2.00 each
plus shipping.

1969 - Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
1970 - Feb, May, Jul-Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
1971 - Jan, Apr, May, Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov-Dec
1972 - Jan, Feb, Mar, May, Jun-Jul, Aug-Sept, Oct-Nov
1973 - May-Jun, Oct-Nov
1974 - Jan-Feb, Mar, May, Sep, Nov-Dec
1975 - Jan, Feb-Mar, May-June, July-Aug, Sept-Oct
1976 - March

Wreck of the Penn Central Hardcover Book, Fourth Edition; book is in
good condition, jacket is in fair condition; $6.00

The Northeast Railroad Scene Volume #6 booklet, The Penn Central, by Bob
Pennisi, good condition, $11.00

1968 Penn Central Annual Report, good condition, $10.00

Color Light Signal Booklet, Book #3, very good condition, $7.00

Position Light Signal Booklet, Book #2, good condition, $5.00

Rules For Conducting Transportation Rules booklet, good condition, $7.00

Rules For Conducting Transportation Rules booklet, fair condition, $4.00

C.T. 290 Electrial Operating Rules booklet, fair condition, $4.00

Northeastern Region Phone Directory, fair condition, $4.00

Hazardous Materials Regulations booklet, good condition, $4.00

EC 99 Air Brake booklet, fair condition, $3.00

C. T. 405 Special Interlocking Instructions booklet, fair condition,

S.D. 901, June 1, 1969 Fire Prevention booklet, good condition, $4.00

Station Employees Safety booklet, good condition, $4.00

Southern Region #6 ETT, with cover, good condition $7.00

Southern Region #7 ETT, NO cover, new in wrapper $7.00

Metropolitan Region ETT, #3, very good condition, $8.00

New York Region ETT #3, poor condition, $2.00

New York Region ETT #3, fair condition, $4.00

Eastern Region ETT #6, poor condition, $2.00

Northeastern Region ETT #7, with cover, fair condition, $3.00

Northeastern Region ETT #7, NO cover, fair condition, $1.00

Northern Region ETT #1, good condition, $6.00

Western Region ETT #2, fair condition $2.00

Penn Central Matches, White background with green print, 25 cents each.

My last item is not Penn Central, 1996 Norfolk Southern Engineering
Department Color Map, very good condition, $3.00

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