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Re: PC: Locomotive/caboose assignments

If the time period from 1973-1976 (the time of my employment
as trainman in P'burg) can be of help, I recall riding N5s, N6c and 
N8 hacks on the ore trains.  NYC hacks were scarce in P'burg 
although we used them on the BL's when they were put on in 
Morrisville, or Pot yard respectively.  The head end power assigned 
to P'burg consisted mainly of the GP30, GP9, GP9B and the RSDs.
We had a few RS11s and of course the T6.  Once in a while we 
would have an SD40 or a GG1 but they would be cut at Morrisville.
I have some wild stories about the ore trains if you're interested.
I dont recall PC equipment on LV iron but I didnt see all the ore 
traffic either.  I do remember the Valley's C628s comming down the 
upper yard to couple up to an ore train and waiting until we got in.
Hope this helps you.
Rich A
P.S. Would love to see the layout.

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