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PC: Locomotive/caboose assignments

Due to my interest in modeling the Lehigh Valley Railroad around the
Easton, PA area, I am planning on including the movement of iron ore
trains from the PRR/PC yard in Phillipsburg, NJ to Bethlehem Steel.  In
one of the LV videos, its shows Penn Central power (RSD12, SD9, GP9B,
GP30) returning with empty ore jennies eastward  on the LV mainline in
Easton.  I believe the narrator of the video indicated that LV crews
would use PC locomotives when LV power was running short.

In order to model PC locomotives/cabooses that may have shown up on the
LV in ore train service,  can anyone provide information on locomotives
and cabooses assigned to the PC yard at Phillipsburg, NJ during the
period of 1968-1972?

Thanks in advance!

Sam Reynolds

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