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PC: PC hat badges

I've started a collection of PC hat badges to go with my PC conductor's hat.
I'd like to know what badges were produced. I've got:

- Ass't Conductor (My first, given to me by a Scout leader when I was a lad.
He also gave me his NYC Brakeman's badge, and arranged my first cab ride.)
- Station Master
- Attendant
- Trainman (This one is on the way, just won it on e-bay)

I know there's also Conductor, obviously. I hope to find one of these
reasonably priced. Are there others? Baggageman? Gateman? (I've seen a NYC
Gateman's badge, but they appear to ber quite rare.)

I wear my hat with Station Master badge to train shows. It attracts a fair
amount of attention.

Peter King in NY

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