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PC: ADMIN--Listmaster notice

Hey gang,

First, we're starting to get *way* off-topic here on some of the
locomotive discussions, so let's please steer things back to
discussing the Penn Central.

Second, I want to remind you all to please edit your replies to
the list. If you quote another message, please delete everything
else from the original message that is not relevant to what you
are writing about, or delete it altogether. For Outlook users,
this means select everything from the "-- Original Message --"
line to the bottom of the message and delete it.

Reason I bring this up is a) proper netiquette, and b) trying to
reduce the load on the web and list server. Our server has been
getting hammered lately like you wouldn't believe, and every time
a message gets sent to the list, the load average goes through the
roof. If you're wondering, the list server is a 486. Yes, I know
it's slow. Yes, it needs replaced with a faster machine. Yes, the
people who own the box (myself included) are working on doing that.
But with limited time and resources, it won't happen overnight, so
in the meantime, we need to try to reduce the load somewhat on that
machine. No, I'm not saying don't post to the list. I'm simply
asking everyone to trim down their messages so that the server is
not spending extra time sending out a 40-line message with
twice-quoted text instead of a concise 5-line message. That will help
get us through the next couple of months until the new hardware is
acquired, setup, and installed.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PC Listmaster

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