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Re: PC: xPC engine

Units from approximately 7710-7800 have been off the roster for a
considerable length of time. I've seen a few of them as leasers.  As was
the case with certain non Dash-2 GP40's, the units left the roster as the
lease expired.  Do the math on this one, 7670 subtracted from 7939 is a
total of 269 locomotives, your 148 unit total is about 120 locomotives
short the number of slots on the roster in the series...   

When I used to be put shooting units on a regular basis, I made a set of
sheets with checks for every engine on the roster.  The biggest obvious
holes?  Third-rail territory B23-7's, with an occasional unit showing out
of that group, and this group of GP38's. The only other unusual units for
here were switchers of any type, but they did show at times as well. 
Virtually every other unit on the roster showed up, including 7/8 of the
CNJ SD40's, 4/5 of the RDG GP40-2's, and all 4 LV GP38AC's.  However in the
mid-7700 range there is a huge gap with no units showing anywhere in the
block.  These units were not specially equipped in any way I'm aware of so
there's no real reason for them not to show - 

Bill K.

> From: KEMACPRR -AT- aol.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: xPC engine
> Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 1:21 AM
> Regarding the ex PC GP-38 and GP-38-2 units. All the ex PC GP-38 units
> 7670-7939  transferred to Conrail were still on the property as of Dec
1991 a 
> total of 148 units. Of the original PC  GP-38-2 units numbered 7940-8162
> 7940-8039 were recalled at the end of their original 15 year lease by
> Conrail wanted to keep these units but EMD wanted them back as part of a 
> lease fleet. The 8040-8162 remained on Conrail till the end .  One unit
> 8114 was retired 4/86 account of wreck damage. GP-38-2 units 8163-8281
> purchased new by Conrail from 6/77 to 7/79.  The unit mentioned in
> post 7730  was built 7/69 builders number  35359                         
>                Hope this helps,      Ken McCorry

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