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(Re: PC: xPC engine) Railroads

I think that the Chicago & Illinois Midland is a railroad that runs diagonally
East & West
across central Illinois from the Illinois River on the West end, through
Springfield (the State capital) to Taylorville on the East end and was owned
for many years by the Commonwealth
Edison Electric Co. of Chicago for the delivery coal to their power plants. The
Power Co.
now no longer owns the railroad, but I have forgotten who does.

"Bill K." wrote:

> This is getting off the topic.
> Conrail disposed of tons of PC GP38 and GP38-2's, something like 200-250 of
> them, at the end of their leases.  they run all over the place and ended up
> in some of the following places: (delete)

> Chicago & Illinois Midland (an ICG spinoff of the Alton Route lines if I
> remember right), (delete).

> Bill K.
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> > The Reading didn't have GP38s


H.G. Scott

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