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Re: PC: xPC engine

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Bill K. wrote:

> This is getting off the topic.
> Conrail disposed of tons of PC GP38 and GP38-2's, something like 200-250 of
> them, at the end of their leases.  they run all over the place and ended up
> in some of the following places:  Chicago Central (via Monongahela),
> Chicago & Illinois Midland (an ICG spinoff of the Alton Route lines if I
> remember right), successor Gateway Western; EMD's lease fleet, Genesee &
> Wyoming, Eurkea Southern, Bangor & Aroostack, etc etc etc.  (GP40's ended
> up on D&RGW, MKT, UP, Guilford, a couple rotted at Sayre PA before going
> who knows where...)   I think BN bought some CR '38's or '40's too.  
> 7730's sounds right for the engines on the C&IM and successors; some of
> them got run into the ground so bad they never made Gateway Western, they
> were rejected before that.
> Bill K.

I ran CR 7733 and I think 7725 in yard service in Seneca Yard a couple of
summers ago, does anyone know if the PC 38's kept their numbers through CR or
if there was a lot of renumberings. It definately was a rebuilt "straight"
GP38, not a dash 2. Boy they sounded great digging into a long cut.

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