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Re: PC: xPC engine

Regarding the ex PC GP-38 and GP-38-2 units. All the ex PC GP-38 units units 
7670-7939  transferred to Conrail were still on the property as of Dec 1991 a 
total of 148 units. Of the original PC  GP-38-2 units numbered 7940-8162 the 
7940-8039 were recalled at the end of their original 15 year lease by EMD. 
Conrail wanted to keep these units but EMD wanted them back as part of a 
lease fleet. The 8040-8162 remained on Conrail till the end .  One unit the 
8114 was retired 4/86 account of wreck damage. GP-38-2 units 8163-8281 were 
purchased new by Conrail from 6/77 to 7/79.  The unit mentioned in original 
post 7730  was built 7/69 builders number  35359                              
               Hope this helps,      Ken McCorry

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