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PC: xPC engine

Today at work at Conway, we worked up a order that included GP38 RMGX
2007 owned by Progress Rail and being leased by NS.  While in the cab I
could see where this unit had cab signals at one time.  Opening some
electrical cabinet doors I came across a old write up that said this was
xPC7787.  This unit is in a old faded red paint scheme and on the nose
was a diamond logo of what I think was the Illinois Midland????  Its
nice to know that some of the old girls are still hauling freight.  This
unit is on train PIIC-BV ordered for 1530 and is the 3rd unit back in
the consist.  The first 2 units are to be cut off somewhere West and
this unit will become the new leader.  Also in this consist are 3
Mac90's dead going to Kentucky.  Counting the Mac's, there are 7 units
in this consist.

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