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Re: PC: Wood Cabins

There used to be a NYC standard cupola caboose that sat in Corning NY for 
years in the sixties, used as a yard office for the Southside yard (now a 
Wegman's grocery store).  The car was painted in the usual brown - red and 
had typical NYC markings.  At one point in 1968 or 9, it was hauled away 
finally, and I thought that was the last I'd see of it.  A couple months 
later it was back in the area, painted PC green, but relettered exactly  as 
it had been, in the same font and logo, for NYC!  It was around only a 
little while, then was taken away for good.  It was last seen scooting 
northbound through Beaver Dams NY behind an ex-NH RS-3 in fresh PC paint.
Jim Kosty

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>Subject: PC: Wood Cabins
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>In the NYC morning sun color guide there are photos of 19000 and plywood
>"Big Four" cabins.  One of the big four cars was shot in 1967, and two of
>the 19000 cars in P&LE service were shot in April and October of 1968.  Did
>any of these cars see service in PC?

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