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PC: E8 pilots/blanked portholes

The portholes were actually replaced with extra batten panels. The panel
with the porthole was removed and a new one was inserted. Now this is not
always the case,but more often than not this is what was done. I have seen
photos where they painted right over the glass,or patched with a welded
plate. As for this pilot issue, the descriptor for these different pilots is
basically that they were much more vertical than the traditional passenger
pilot and they did not have the recessed curve with accompanying bolt head
line like the freight pilot. For those with a copy of PC Power, Red P #1707
on page 130 illustrates this type pilot. That is not a passenger pilot. You
can see the weld seam right next to the mud. PC 1501 on page 136 also has
this type pilot. These may be modified passenger type pilots,but there is
not current way to duplicate this in model form.

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