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Re: PC: PC E8 pilots

Are you referring to a passenger pilot with the coupler doors removed? NYC 
did this on some F7s (see Paint Shop in MR 10/90)because the coupler doors 
weren't convenient. It was simpler than replacing the entire pilot assembly.

--Chris Osterhus

>I had the same problem with some ex-Frisco L&N E8s. The pilot was unlike
>either offering from P2K. Cal-Scale makes a part that looks close and they
>call it a passenger pilot. Part number is #442,and although designed for
>Cary/Athearn shells,it can be adapted to the P2K shell. I think there may
>have been a "3rd" pilot that escapes description from normal diesel
>nomenclature,because both PRR/PC and Frisco Es had them.

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