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Re: PC: Correct Pilot for PC(exPRR) E8

About the porthole windows: I haven't seen any photos with E8 portholes 
covered, but I'm sure it may have been done.

Some PC E7 units had windows covered. The E7 at Strasburg had windows on one 
side covered, but not the other when I last saw it rusting back in 1992. 
(The unit has since been repainted in full PRR dress, and moved inside.)

The only PC E8s that I can remember were in Pittsburgh about 20 years ago. I 
can barely remember what they looked like.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

--Chris Osterhus

>The plans are to go back and fill a few of the porthole windows also, and
>add the two details I forgot, one being a Sinclair antenna, and the other,
>the metal repair panels that were on the noses of many of these units by 
>late PRR-early PC era.  Next step, off to the blaster to be striped.

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