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Re: PC: Re: Re: Prototype

I saw those cars and have some badly lit snapshots from about 10 years ago.
The baggage cars have doors in the ends, and someone told me (this is
totally unconfirmed) that these cars would have been used to move large
express material, such as theater sets for travelling companies of Broadway
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>> Also, at the Lancaster, Pa, station on the Amtrak
>Keystone Line are two or three ex-NYC, ex-PC baggage
>cars. They appear to have been there a while and not
>going anywhere soon, as they had
>"DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE"signs on them (in reference to
>the overhead catenary)
> There`s two ....they have been sitting there since
>mid-80's. One of them is number 9156, can`t remember
>the other number. There`s a pic of it in The color
>guide to PC freight and passenger equipment on page 7.
>I will try to look for some pics that I took of them
>and put it online.
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