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PC: Re: Odd Question

According to the PC Color Guide, Beech Grove Shops painted some boxcars with
black logos and roadnames for a few weeks early in 1968. Reporting marks and
numbers were white.

Athearn was well known for picking the oddball schemes and duplicating them,
but this scheme DID exist.

Peter King in NY
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Subject: PC: Odd Question

> I found the Athearn 50' Plug Door Box lettered for PC the other day, and
> I've got a wierd question. On the car, #142772, the Penn Central and worms
> are in black instead of white. Was there a box ever painted this way, or
> this creative license?
>  Just curious. To be honest, I'd leave it as is so I could watch the
> nitpickers roll about the floor foaming at the mouth. But really, was
> ever a black herald car?
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