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PC: Correct Pilot for PC(exPRR) E8


I am going to re-do one of my first PC models from a couple of years back,
my PC, ex PRR detailed E8.  I had added a ton of details to it, only to find
out I had put the improper pilot on it.  I had used the Proto supplied
"freight" type, and found out after putting coupler cut bar, steam hoses,
air hoses, MU hoses, etc, that it was incorrect.  The passenger one supplied
in the kit is not correct either, so what should I use?

The plans are to go back and fill a few of the porthole windows also, and
add the two details I forgot, one being a Sinclair antenna, and the other,
the metal repair panels that were on the noses of many of these units by the
late PRR-early PC era.  Next step, off to the blaster to be striped.



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