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PC: Re: C 628

Chip et al-

> Has anybody heard when Detail Assocates will be bringing out the detail
>for grab irons for the Stewart 628's?

Backorder is all I heard, I hope soon, my C630 is en-route.  I have two

Has anyone heard WHAT is going to be included in the kits?  Drop steps @
ends, curved grabs, etc? I got some Overland three forward chime horns
ordered via The Train Station in Columbus, Ohio.  I think the number is
9007, but I am not sure.  You want the one with the smallest trumpet in the
middle.  It appears from what I have seen, on the C630, the horn is on a
bracket (not on roof) but on the near side of the cab.  For those of you who
have these models already (ahem, Lon?), do they include a bracket?


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