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PC: Prepub deal on PC book

>From PRR talk, might pay off to order early folks-


>Gentlemen (and ladies):
>I wanted to pass on the infor I just received via flyer from IU Press.
>They are offering a special prepublication deal on A SAMPLING OF PENN
>CENTRAL, by former NYC GM Jerry Taylor.  Price on release--expected for
>June, 2000--will be 59.95; however, an order by Feb. 10 gets you a copy
>for 30% off, or 41.95 (plus $5 S&H--Indiana residents add 5% sales
>tax).  Contact them at "iupress.indiana.edu" 800-842-6796, or at 601 N.
>Morton St., Bloomington, In. 47404-3797.
>The book is clothbound, 448 pp, 211 b&w photos, 4 maps.  If you are at
>all interested in how the PC merger impacted the former PRR and NYC in
>what was PC's "Southern region," you will love this book.  Although he
>left the railroad (to run the LI) in 1968, prior to the merger's
>consumation, he returned frequently to photograph and keep tabs on the
>operation.  Incidentally, this was a book not originally intended for
>public consumption, but written for insiders.
>Richard Wallis (unpaid shill for the publisher)
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