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Re: PC: Penn Central Articles In Trains Mags

April 1968 trains shows SD40 6040 painted in PC going around Horseshoe Curve 
with a PRR GP9B.  That was in the NEWS photo section, and was my first look 
at a Penn Central unit.

I also think August 1968 had several PC items - in the newsphotos was a 
Flexi Van train with GP40 3044 leading E units that had a traction motor 
fire, at Depew NY near CP 440.  This was a Ken Kreamer photo if I remember 
Also, that same issue has photos of a PC freight derailing ob Horseshoe 
Curve - all ex - PRR SD45s and U25C units.  The cover of this one is a close 
up, down - on view of a railroad track.
I hope that helps add some to the list.
Jim Kosty

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>Subject: PC: Penn Central Articles In Trains Mags
>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 20:46:42 -0500
>Hello PC Fans,
>A few weeks ago I requested information about any articles on the Penn
>Central in Trains magazines worth reading. I've aquired the following
>issues of Trains listed below with a short synopus of each issue.
>Thanks for all of your help, if any of you find any other issues with an
>interesting article about the Penn Central please let me know.
>Thanks, Chuck
>November 1968 - 'Empire Service trains'
>February 1969 - 'Kankakee Belt Railroad'
>July 1970 - " The Classic GG1."
>August 1970 - Article by John Fellow, " Is this the Way to Washington?,
>The Metroliner can't afford to be Another Train."
>April 1971 - Photo of GG1 no. 4848, caption reads: "Sandhouse wags will
>have a field day with this one. One - half of GG1 no. 4848 emerged from
>Penn Central shops at Wilmington, Delaware.
>May 1971 - 'Penn Central Management Problems'
>June 1971 - Article by Herbert H. Harwood Jr. - "Why Railroad Profits
>are accidental. Addresses all railroads, gives insight to the problems
>with the ICC. This issues rear cover is an AD by the PC.
>September 1971 - " The Case of the Shipper Who Owns His Own Train"
>article by David H. Hamley about the Waynesburg Southern RR that hauled
>coal over the P&LE and the Penn Central from Blacksville, PA to Monroe,
>April 1972 - "Plus and Minus" article by Kneiling. Also on pages 22 -23
>is a photo of PC 4085, the same E8 at the museum. (sorry. had to brag a
>bit there)
>November 1972 - The Ironies of Penn Central
>April 1973 - Map of proposed abandonments entitled, "Penn Central:
>20,000 miles minus 5000 equals 15,000." no article.
>October 1973 - Geographical map of "How much moves on the Penn Central"
>January 1974 - Article by Kneiling, " The Regulatory Lag" addresses PC
>within, plus cartoon.
>June 1974 - Kneiling article - "120 Years of Progress" mentions Penn
>Central under sub heading, "That PC Deal"
>August 1974 - Article by David P Morgan "A conversation with A.E.
>Perlman", also "How to run a railroad in the Northeast" by John G
>Kneiling, several good PC photos.
>November 1974 - "Extra Board Diary" by John R Crosby, it tells the tale
>of an Amtrak engineer who for a short while goes back to running
>freight, gives a good insight what goes on in the cab and locker room,
>Mr. Crosby has since passed away.
>January 1975 - 'GG-1 Repairs at Strasburg Shops

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