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PC: Penn Central Articles In Trains Mags

Hello PC Fans,

A few weeks ago I requested information about any articles on the Penn
Central in Trains magazines worth reading. I've aquired the following
issues of Trains listed below with a short synopus of each issue.

Thanks for all of your help, if any of you find any other issues with an
interesting article about the Penn Central please let me know.

Thanks, Chuck

November 1968 - 'Empire Service trains'

February 1969 - 'Kankakee Belt Railroad'

July 1970 - " The Classic GG1." 

August 1970 - Article by John Fellow, " Is this the Way to Washington?,
The Metroliner can't afford to be Another Train." 

April 1971 - Photo of GG1 no. 4848, caption reads: "Sandhouse wags will
have a field day with this one. One - half of GG1 no. 4848 emerged from
Penn Central shops at Wilmington, Delaware.

May 1971 - 'Penn Central Management Problems'

June 1971 - Article by Herbert H. Harwood Jr. - "Why Railroad Profits
are accidental. Addresses all railroads, gives insight to the problems
with the ICC. This issues rear cover is an AD by the PC.

September 1971 - " The Case of the Shipper Who Owns His Own Train"
article by David H. Hamley about the Waynesburg Southern RR that hauled
coal over the P&LE and the Penn Central from Blacksville, PA to Monroe,

April 1972 - "Plus and Minus" article by Kneiling. Also on pages 22 -23
is a photo of PC 4085, the same E8 at the museum. (sorry. had to brag a
bit there)

November 1972 - The Ironies of Penn Central

April 1973 - Map of proposed abandonments entitled, "Penn Central:
20,000 miles minus 5000 equals 15,000." no article.

October 1973 - Geographical map of "How much moves on the Penn Central"

January 1974 - Article by Kneiling, " The Regulatory Lag" addresses PC
within, plus cartoon. 

June 1974 - Kneiling article - "120 Years of Progress" mentions Penn
Central under sub heading, "That PC Deal"

August 1974 - Article by David P Morgan "A conversation with A.E.
Perlman", also "How to run a railroad in the Northeast" by John G
Kneiling, several good PC photos.

November 1974 - "Extra Board Diary" by John R Crosby, it tells the tale
of an Amtrak engineer who for a short while goes back to running
freight, gives a good insight what goes on in the cab and locker room,
Mr. Crosby has since passed away.

January 1975 - 'GG-1 Repairs at Strasburg Shops

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