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Re: PC: Locomotive maint. bases

Regarding the PC loco maint. bases from my PC Bi-annual :
 BAL- Baltimore
 BEC-Beacon Park
 CON- Conway
 COL- Collinwood
 CHI- Chicago
 DET- Detroit
 DEW- DeWitt
 ELK- Elkhart
 ENO- Enola
 HAR- Harmon
 HBG- Harrisburg
 HFD- Hartford
 JUN- Juniata
 JEF- Jeffersonville
 LOU- Louisville
 MOR- Morrisville
 MDW- Meadows
 NHV- New Haven
 PRV- Providence
 ROS- Rose Lake
 SLK- Selkirk
 SHV- Sharonville
 STL- Stanley
 STM- St. Thomas
 STD- Stamford
 SUN- Sunnyside
 UTA- Utica
 WES-W. 72nd ST.
 WSP- W.Springfield
    And as far as the original question on GP-38-2 at Sharon. If Sharon and 
Sharonville are the same, No GP-38-2 units were based at Sharon for 
maintenance.  The -2 units were at :  ENO---8040 to 8153   CHI----7940 to 
7943   COL---7944-7946-7950 to 8039   STL--- 7945 7947 to 7949  This is all 
from the PC Bi- Annual.
                                                    Ken McCorry

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