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PC: Re: PC Orange "C" GP40 units

I have to check my book, but I think there were fifteen of them numbered 
3170-3184 that came from the EMD factory in the white"P", and orange "C" 
scheme.  Microscale's Penn Central diesel set has these logos along with the 
red and white ones.  The orange "C" GP40s looked very nice.  They came along 
in about 1969-70.  Some said this was a concession or recognition of the NYC 
component of the PC, but if so, why did they not do it in Century Green?  
Also, see the Green Frog Video of Emery Gulash PC movies, Penn Central 
1968-70 Volume 1 - this shows a fair amount of freights on the NYC main near 
Toledo with these oranged GP40s on 'em.  Also look at George Elwood's Fallen 
Flag Railroads net site and under PC you will see some pictures of these 
along with other red p units.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on 
those numbers!
Jim Kosty

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>Which numbers on the Orange P GP40, sorry!

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